Why we don't like Tony Abbott - Research Page

As mentioned in the 2nd Newsletter I wanted to build a resource page to help everyone gain some knowledge on what the issues with Tony Abbott's ability to represent Warringah properly. The links below will give you ample knowledge to be able to join in any conversation and should give you confidence to ask people on the fence "What do you like about Tony Abbott?".

Here's the list:

Coal v Renewables? - There are literally thousand and thousands of links for this topic but here are 3 recent one. Hint Coal loses all the time.
Climate Changes - What’s the reality? I have asked Professor Tim Flannery to give me the best three links. Here they are. Thanks Tim.
1. Sceptical Science - will give you the facts needed to take on climate sceptics.
2. The Climate Council - will give the latest scientific analysis on climate, as well as in depth economic and global political analysis.
3. Renew Economy - By far the best analysis on clean energy technologies.
This one isn't from Tim but I think it's worth a read.
4. The Australian Financial Review - Article from 16th Jan 2019
5. The New York Times has done a great article as well.
How Tony has wrecked the Liberal Party?
3. The West Australian - Read until the end
His part in the overthrowing of Malcolm Turnbull 
1. Stuff - This is an article from NZ but it is pretty good.
4. Sydney Morning Herald - Why we can't have Tony as the leader in our out of Government ever again.
How the Liberal Party has moved away from its roots?
The unlawful practice of off shore detention in Australia
1. The Guardian - Be careful reading this it might make you very angry.
2. The Guardian - Abbott and ScoMo are evil, the most unchristian Christians there are. Hypo Christians in fact.
3. Huffington Post - Un slams Australia, nothing to be proud of.
How Tony mucked up the NBN?
2. Delimiter - Australia doesn't need the NBN says Abbott
3. Crikey 
Tony and Women, what’s his problem?
1. The Sydney Morning Herald - This is a good read
2. Mamamia 
3. NewStatesman.com - Great stuff here.
Not so flattering press about Tony.
1. This one from Laura Tingle in the AFR
What has he done for Warringah in 24 years - Click here for more information
Finally you have to watch this classic video by John Oliver just to sum it all up.


As a PS here's 13 minute of your time well spent