Jan 6th Survey results

Here are the results of the 6 questions asked in the survey.

Initially the survey allowed people who said no to continue with the survey. I deleted their responses after the error was found. The logic was if you answered no then your survey ended.

The biggest group of Vote Tony Out supporter are people who voted Liberal last election. It would be interesting to know how many were swayed by the last minute campaign funded by Malcom Turnbull to help save Tony whose numbers weren't looking so good.

This is a really interesting result and one that pleases me no end. The idea behind this campaign is to unify people behind a single independent candidate and the results show that the idea is sticking. The people who voted for all major parties last election are migrating to the Independent.

I just threw this question because I thought it would be interesting to see how many people have shown enough interest in politics previously to be a member of a political party.

Again I though this was an interesting question to get a view on who people thought they were.

Now this one didn't quite go to plan. The logic was you had to pick 1 answer only. In the Other answer people wrote 'all of the above' in about 55 of the 78 responses. Not really that helpful. Anyways, Climate Change was the clear stand out issue followed by the wrecking of the Liberal Party that Tony has spearheaded.

This is a world cloud from the responses in the Other Box.