How to Vote

Short Version:

Vote like this and everything will be great.

Longer version:

Over the past number of elections Tony's polling numbers have reduced with each election. In 2016 Tony's primary vote was 51.6% (down from 60.9% in the 2013). Tony's trend will continue, he will not win the primary vote in 2019, which means, this time Tony is wide open to losing his seat.

The Theory

The Vote Tony Out theory is to ensure two things happen. Firstly, we keep the informal votes to an absolute minimum. In 2016 the informal vote was 6.1% and in 2013 the informal vote was 5.4%, in 2019 we need these votes to count. ( In the 2016 election more than 50 seats were decided by less than 6%). Secondly, Vote Tony Out has no political party alignment. Our goal from day one was to find the best person to help achieve the goal and back them. We have done that through the candidacy of Zali Steggall. For the first time since Tony was elected in 1994 he has a real challenger.

Our Strategy

It is clear after months of campaigning that Warringah is now a two candidate race. Tony versus Zali. Our strategy is to encourage every one who isn't a Tony fan to leave their past political bias aside and block vote for Zali. Tony's strength has been to divide people and in Warringah in this election nothing could be more true. Splitting the vote only plays into Tony's hands. Whilst preferences might flow away from Tony the only way to ensure Tony is Voted Out is to win on the Primary Vote. If a candidate gets more than 50% of the vote they they are deemed the winner. The 2 party preferred system kicks in when no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote. Preferences in the Federal Election have to be placed by the voter. Boxes on the ballot paper must be numbered from 1 - 10 in Warringah. Traditional Voters for the Labor and Greens parties have never come close to winning the primary or 2 Party Preferred vote. This time round everyone can take some joy in Voting Tony Out on election day. Election night will be a different experience in Warringah for so many people this time round. Let me repeat winning the primary vote is the only way to ensure Tony is Voted Out.


Below is a table that shows the offical Ballot draw. For us to Vote Tony Out and make history we need to do the following. Vote Zali 1, Vote Tony 10 and number every box. We have given suggestions below, the last 5 spots especially as these preferences probably will flow to Tony. Keep the informal vote to an absolute minimum by completing the form properly.

Our goal has always been to have ABC's Antony Green call Warringah by 7:30pm on Election night to our endorsed candidate ( even when we didn't have one ). We need your help to make this happen. Let's make history this time round.

** Save the image above to your phone for Election Day. Just press on the image and hold. A screen will come up to say save image.