The Vote Tony Out project started in March 2018 when a local Manly resident, Mark Kelly, started a closed Facebook group called Let's not reelect Tony Abbott. The group has now grown to over 2,300 people. 

In November 2018 the Vote Tony Out Instagram project was started. The project focuses on the constituents of the Warringah electorate and allows those people to share their views on why Tony Abbott is past his use by date as the federal member for Warringah.

The Vote Tony Out project is not aligned with any political party, nor is it part of Get Up or any other activist organisation. The project aims are to bring about change in Warringah through connecting the community through the humanisation of the discussion. Real people starting conversations to bring about change.

Monies from donations and sales of Merchandise goes to paying for the products, consumables associated with the postage, administration fees, guerrilla marketing and key messaging campaigns you will see around Warringah in the lead up to the election. 

For more information regarding the project send your details or questions to us via the contact page


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